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The Blade's Shadow
My name is Talon, a Noxian assassin serving under House Du Couteau.

I don't know how you found your way to me, or what it is that you want, but make it quick. I don't take kindly to those that waste my time.

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I made a poll a while back on my Talon blog asking which Talon skin was everyone’s favorite. Naturally, Dragonblade won, so here he is~ I modified his outfit here and there to use my own personal design for him.

Also! This is available as a print on my shop. The print will come with a free chibi Dragonblade button that’s available only for a limited time, so snatch ‘em while you can.

//Here you guys go it’s finally done 


Traveling through the City of Noxus has proven to be quite difficult for the Ice Boar….

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one day i'll be good enough to draw you fanart senpai ok just you wait for me

//I will wait for you until the end of time anon, don’t you worry

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//My half of the art trade for blight-archer, of their Varus 

Hehehe it was fun, I hope you like it :’D

More from the blueface Anon.... Talon. I want to shake you so bad. Your art is amazing, your rendition is great, your headcanons flow well and your ship, while (really) weird isn't in everyone's face. My only complaint is that you don't do enough things. Given the chance I would shake you so hard. Do more. Please. I love seeing you pop up on my dash, it never fails to bring a smile to my face. And, admittedly, shake my head on occasion. Seriously, worst gifts NA. You are incredible. Props.

//hjsjkdf OTL Thank you so much anon!! It means a lot. To be honest I also wish I could do more, but I do what I can with juggling both this blog, college, and work-related artwork off to the side as well as some personal things. But I’ll do my best to update when I can, as much as I can! 

Huhu and Talon is a pretty terrible gift giver, though he doesn’t know any better when the only ‘gifts’ he’s every really received have been blades and the occasional potato food

//YOU DID IT he looks absolutely wonderful in your style ahahah QvQ thank you so so much! everyone go give this adorable Varus love they are a very nice person and a wonderful artist too!

//YOU DID IT he looks absolutely wonderful in your style ahahah QvQ thank you so so much! everyone go give this adorable Varus love they are a very nice person and a wonderful artist too!

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//That is okay friends <3 I’ll definitely host some more ARAMs soon, I could only do one today unfortunately. Keep a look out for more sometime this upcoming week, I’ll try to do some then. :3 

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"…You can guess."

//SHOWS UP FIVE YEARS LATE to the Pokemon party that the League community is apparently having. I never get invited to these things though so I just kinda show up on the front door after the party’s already over

Two versions cause I couldn’t decide which is best, so one shiny and one not I guess? haha oh geez his shiny version is literally the normal colors LAUGHS LOUDLY I am so sorry forgive me

Bonus actual Talon Talonflame:

As for women… there is really only one that holds a very special place in my heart. Irelia is… very dear to me, despite our blood - though… I can’t say I’m a true Noxian, so much as I am a person who simply follows orders. Perhaps that’s why she doesn’t mind me.

No other woman will ever be able to replace her, nor will my heart fall for another woman the same way it fell for her.

Riven, though you may be disappointed to know, is merely a friend. Someone I look up to, and respect. Nothing more.

9 Lives (Talon)


(( That moment when the people you follow don’t follow the same people you follow and the world is skewed because of it.  @__@  OTL. ))

Riven blinked.  Well, that was strange.  She was certain she’d met the feline herself at some point.  It was possible Talon could have missed it, or maybe they were going to great lengths to keep it concealed for some reason.  Though, she’d encountered it while out and about, doing some shopping before heading back to the League.  Strange regardless…

"I see."  She looked back down to the cat and gave it another scratch to its ears.  "I suppose I will contact the Sheriff, then.  Though, if she is not interested, I’ll take you up on your offer.  I can’t think of anyone else who would be able to give her a good home after the Sheriff."  She’d nod slightly to herself before looking back to Talon.

"Thank you for your help, Blade’s Shadow…"  She’d turn to leave before pausing a moment.  "And if you see Katarina…tell her I send my regards."  She’d glance back just a moment before heading out of the alleyway, donning her cloak as she did to keep a low profile.  A letter would soon be in order, she guessed.  But, if things with the Sheriff didn’t work out as planned, at least she could find a home for her at the Du Couteau manor.

It would be a better life than she’d ever had, at least…

((I actually do, I know what you’re speaking of, it’s just not something that’s been acted upon or brought to attention on my blog so I don’t treat it as headcanon yet. ;w; Ahhh sorry OTL I hope that didn’t make things difficult))

Talon gave a slow nod. “If she refuses, I’ll be happy to take it off your hands. …I might be a bird person, but cats have proven to like me back when I was a kid.” 

Climbing swiftly back onto the ledge where he previously was, he was about to climb onto the nearby roof before he heard her voice again. Turning his head, he once again gave a small nod. A simple ‘I will’, before he grasped firmly onto a nearby windowsill and clambered up to the rooftop, disappearing from sight.

Hopefully that cat would find a decent enough home by the end of the week. 

9 Lives (Talon)


"Hmm…"  Riven thought about it for a moment.  There were few places she could consider that would be better suited for a cat to live.  The Du Couteau manor was large, had many lofty perches for a cat, and had a large supply of maids and other service folk that could tend to the cat for company.  The little creature was sure to be well cared for and taken care of, even if the sisters would likely be busy.

Although, didn’t they already have a cat?  That could present a problem…  Cats were often territorial creatures.  Though she’d had a run in with the Du Couteau’s feline friend previously, she wouldn’t want to put the cat in a situation where it wouldn’t be happy.  She gave a pat to the relaxed ball of fur and looked to Talon once again.

"The Manor would be a good spot, certainly, but I know they own a cat already.  Malcolm, I think, is his name.  Cats tend to be territorial, and I wouldn’t want to put her in a place where she might have issues or cause any disputes."  She sighed, shifting the cat in her arms somewhat and glancing to it.  It looked up and around with a curious and detached expression before glancing up at Riven with a faint meow, still purring.

"I wonder if the Crowngua—"  She stopped, images of the poor creature clothed in strange outfits while a wild and obnoxious laugh echoed through the halls of her mind.  "—nevermind…"  Riven shook her head with another sigh before looking back to Talon.  "Perhaps the Sheriff would be interested in adopting another stray…"

Riven, of course, was talking of the Enforcer, and her previous life on the streets.  If Caitlyn had taken in one stray, perhaps she’d see fit to care for another one.  One that was likely far more cuddly and less moody.  With the police station being full of officers, the cat would have plenty of company.  And the Sheriff seemed to be a level-headed person that would enjoy some kind of company.

"What do you think?"

When Riven brought mention of another feline inhabiting the Du Couteau manor, Talon tilted his head, brow furrowing in confusion. “…Can’t say I’ve heard of us having another cat. Or ever heard of that name before.” 

The name was… foreign, the only one he could think of with that name would be Graves, but that was most certainly not what she was referring to. Odd. If there was another cat running around, Talon would have known about it. At least… his sisters usually told him most things, and even if they hadn’t, he would have seen the cat at least once.

Rolling his shoulders in a shrug, Talon stood tall, straightening his back as he stared down at Riven, a slight twitch happening on his eye as he heard mention of the Crownguards. “Someone like Garen is ill fit to harbor a cat. Lux… Lux would at least take good care of it, though I believe she already has one. So yes… Caitlyn may be your best bet.”

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[Closed RP with askKassadin]


"I’m not exactly used to being greeted like that, Talon. You could say it’s just a reaction.. what would you expect if someone sneaked up behind you?" His eyes looked elsewhere from where the voice seem to have come from. It may be something Noxians do but he never exactly was one to do much in Noxus.

Once he felt the assassin’s hand touch his own and leading him, he sighed lightly. Kassadin tried to make it easier on Talon, seeing as his elbow did hit him. “..Are you sure you are okay?” He couldn’t help himself but to ask, feeling a bit guilty about it.

Talon spoke not a word, though Kassadin’s concern did make him chuckle a little. It was true that his build was a little lanky, but he could take a punch, or in this case, an elbow, rather easily and shrug it off. Still, as Talon’s fingers curled a little tighter around the Void Walker’s hand, his head turned to look back at him, spying his glowing golden eyes. 

"I’m fine. Not like I can’t take a hit, you know." Turning his head back around, he maneuvered around a large tree root before exhaling a quiet sigh. "Guess I should count myself lucky you didn’t stab me. …Regardless, what I want to show you is right around this bend and a few paces north."

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9 Lives (Talon)


"She, actually."  Riven corrected Talon.  "She’s very affectionate and seems to enjoy being held and petted."  She shifted the little creature in her arms somewhat and continued to scratch it softly behind the ears. "Honestly I’d considered keeping her myself, but, my small quarters is no place for a cat to live, and my duties as a champion give me little time to spend with her."  She huffed in amusement as the cat looked around briefly before laying its head against her.

"No, this little one needs a proper home where she can be taken care of, and not left to her own devices in a small, cramped space."  It would have been nice to have a cat again, but she wasn’t going to get a pet just so she’d leave it alone for hours and hours and with no real room to explore and enjoy itself.  She was more responsible than that.

"…She." Talon repeated, the word rolling off his tongue like a near whisper of disbelief. It wasn’t like he was very knowledgeable when it came to telling the gender of animals, however, so it didn’t arrive as much of a surprise. "I see… unfortunate that you don’t have the time to take care of her. Though understandable." 

Hopping off of the ledge where he sat, Talon stood in front of the two of them, looking closely down at the cat. Small. The cat was smaller than he thought she’d be - perhaps it was still young. It certainly seemed to be taken care of well enough, however, given the glossy shine to her fur when the light struck just the right angle. 

"I could… take her home. If you’d like. The Du Couteau manor is large enough for her to run freely and play, and i’m sure most of the maids would love to take care of her when I cannot… so she’d always have company." Though the assassin was a little iffy on his ability to raise an animal, Riven seemed desperate to find a decent enough home for her. 

The manor was the only place he could think of that would give that to the small feline.

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