Live And Die By The Blade.
Talon Du Couteau
The Blade's Shadow
My name is Talon, a Noxian assassin serving under House Du Couteau.

I don't know how you found your way to me, or what it is that you want, but make it quick. I don't take kindly to those that waste my time.

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((An Ask/RP blog for Talon from League of Legends.
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Good luck with the new home! OuO

//Thank you very much! ;w;/ 

I’ll be gone for a week starting tomorrow, hopefully that should give me enough time to unpack and things. I’ll be back soon though. <3 



Welcome to lol69min!

This is the League of Legends version of 69min where you have 69 minutes to draw a given prompt. A new prompt is given at a set time (12:00 AM – 1:09 AM EST) every day.

Above is an example provided by our moderators Luxadin, Lin, Rune where the prompt was ‘Drawing’

  • Everyone is welcomed to join!
  • Get inspired by themes and prompts
  • All mediums are welcomed, traditional or digital!
  • All drawings should be of your own. No tracing or copying allowed!
  • Even if you join us for one prompt, you are not obligated to join us for all the prompts in the future!
  • If you’re early or late, don’t worry about it! We accept early or late work
  • Enjoy artwork
  • NSFW is acceptable but only if it’s classy.
  • Draw any league champion you wish to
  • Lastly, Just have fun!

How to join

  • Check the blog each day for a prompt given!
  • We’ll give you an hour warning beforehand
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Hope to see you join into the fun!

Note: We have a zero tolerance policy for rudeness. There will be absolutely no drama or hate on this blog. 

//Heyyyy guys. I’m gonna be co-running this blog. If you like to draw, or are even practicing learning how to draw, I highly encourage you check it out, tell your friends, etc. etc.! Hopefully we can get a lot of people joining in on the fun~

Everyone is welcome! A signal boost would be much appreciated so we can get as many people learning about this as possible. :3 

//Boosting one final time to give everyone a chance to see it. First prompt starts tonight, so feel free to jump in! 

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I just wanted to look up references for Cassiopeia and 



//I said I wasn’t going to post anymore until after I finish moving but

…this happened

//Just as a small note, I’ll be moving to a new house starting this weekend and possibly through next week. I probably won’t be answering questions or anything during this time, but I’ll be sure to get caught up on things once I get back. 

See you all soon, have a good end of August! 

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//So King!Talon (desert/Shurimian king) and extremely overprotective Bodyguard!Kassadin might be a thing now and I honestly regret nothing (I also added captions to the full views of the pictures) 

I was doing good and then my hand slipped on the last picture whoop, feel free to ask questions about this AU if you want, it’s pretty fun to doodle



//Talon bun to join the bunny army that was going on a little while ago (I’m late like always)

>credit to blight-archer and judgement-kayle for starting the bunny stuff

//I’m going to get a face full of knives but I’m gonna cuddle him and it’ll be worth it.

//Definitely worth it


…I have no comments in regards to that… yordle… thing

//New headcanon page is go. Trying to get everything organized and looking nice. Should be a bit more easily readable now, also has more information. 

//New headcanon page is go. Trying to get everything organized and looking nice. Should be a bit more easily readable now, also has more information. 

//Talon bun to join the bunny army that was going on a little while ago (I’m late like always)

>credit to blight-archer and judgement-kayle for starting the bunny stuff

//I want to thank all of you, for both the message I’ve received in my inbox, and the replies to that post. It really helped me to feel loads better than I was before, so thank you, really. I’m going to take a small break from things, I might get an update out before the end of the month, but if not, I’ll see about it once I’m done moving houses early next month. 

Thank you again everyone, you’re the best. <3 I really needed that little boost a lot of you gave me with your words. 

Current situation with the blog

//I figure I owe everyone an explanation as to why updates have been slow. I’ll put it under a readmore, because I don’t want to clutter dashboards with a possibly long post. 

But first before I freak anyone out: I’m not quitting, but it’s important you read this anyway so you know what’s going on. 

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New desing looks very nice indeed. The things I'd point out (wheter do you find this positive or negative is up to you) : Is his blade larger now? It kinda looks bigger, and more curbed. His clothes seem a bit darker, or better said grey-er. He wears more armor and clothing in the upper part of this body. This might limit movement or be heavier

//Everything you pointed out are actually things I’m aware of and did on purpose. :’D His blade is slightly larger, engineered to protect his upper arm as well as his lower (thought admittedly I made it a little too big on the ref sheet, it should stop at the beginning of his shoulder), the colors of his outfit are definitely darker to provide better hiding in the shadows. The lighter purple would have given him away too quickly. As for wearing more armor and clothing, he actually doesn’t. 

I added a small scarf that sits inside his hood to conceal his face when he needs it (or provide warmth, Noxian nights are cold I’d imagine), and also made the long strip of cloth that stretched over his upper back to attach his cape wrap around his arm as well. The cloth is light, not at all heavy, so it’s easy to move in. If anything, Talon lost quite a bit of his weight when he dropped those fully armored boots that I exchanged for leather ones for better sneaking and climbing, allowing him to be lighter on his feet than he was originally. 

Thank you for pointing stuff out! But I hope this clears things up for you, I’ve definitely given the design a lot of thought so I wouldn’t do anything that would make it hard for him to move or be the best assassin he can be.  I only improve things. :>

However, if you guys have any suggestions on improving the design, or if you just flat out don’t like it, please tell me? I’m open for that sorta stuff. 

//So far the replies to Talon’s new design have been overwhelmingly positive, I’m glad that everyone is liking it so far. QwQ Have a thing while I practice drawing it. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to get to ask replies soon. 
And as summonerflaymedragonborn said, the cloth inside his hood does also double as a scarf/face mask thing for extra concealing of identities. :’D Good stuff. Also slight eyeshadow for better eye concealing, or is he just tired we really don’t know
((I really do like the new outfit. The addition to his armor and certain parts of his cloak makes him seem a lot more roguish. I especially love the little part at the lower part of the hood where it kinda looks like a scarf covering his neck ;D))

//AHH I’M GLAD QwQ I was definitely going for a more rogue type look, so I’m glad it fits what I was intending it to do. More like a shadow, I suppose. As it should be, and I’m having a lot of fun messing with it and drawing it. It’s very refreshing. 

Super glad that so far everyone else is enjoying the new design too <3 Thank you for the support and letting me know you like it. I was a little worried the sudden change would be off-putting, haha. 

//Talon’s gotten a (slight) haircut and a new outfit. He’s been wearing the same thing for three years (and I’ve been drawing it for three years) so it’s time for a touchup I think, yeah? This is how I’ll be drawing my own Talon from now on.

Though of course I’ll occasionally draw him in his old duds for old times sake here and there. ;u; (And yes you can draw this version too, cosplay it, whatever so long as you give credit, before anyone asks)