Live And Die By The Blade.
Talon Du Couteau
The Blade's Shadow
My name is Talon, a Noxian assassin serving under House Du Couteau.

I don't know how you found your way to me, or what it is that you want, but make it quick. I don't take kindly to those that waste my time.

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((An Ask/RP blog for Talon from League of Legends.
IMPORTANT: Please read/view the F.A.Q before asking any questions relating to relationships for Talon! Thank you!))


Headstart began yesterday and here’s my current character list *u* (Kass is a held name however, he’s not one of mine) I’m on Naima if anyone wants to add me when it goes live (or if you’re in headstart too) 

you can clearly see who my main is so far laughs also taloonybutt is really unamused as usual but also double cute

//I know this is horribly ooc but I’ll just put it out here that I’ve been playing Archeage and am on the Naima server (NA) if anyone else is playing. I gave the name Kassadin to askkassadin so he’s not actually in my roster, but my fourth main is named Cordelia.

You can add me and chat or whatever if you want to. uwu If not just say hi if we run by each other at some point. (Also just a fair warning, I won’t know if you add me unless you whisper me saying you have.)

Would it be possible to do more talon and kassadin king au? My friend and I want to cosplay the design

//O-Oh yes of course!! I have a lot of pictures for king au planned so I’ll be sure to share those soon <3 

Also I would love to see pictures of the cosplay oh gosh I am so happy you want to cosplay the designs /LAYS DOWN OTL


//Pokemon theme for lol69min

If you’ve ever wondered what Talon’s pokemon team is like here you go

this is it minus noivern I really wanted to add noivern


//The recent post of the RP I’ll be doing here with Kassadin is going to jump back to the beginning. Thanks to the Institute being gone, we have to re-do the ship in a couple of ways, including how Kass and Tal met, and this RP will give everyone a good look as to how it’s going to play out. If you’ve wanted to know how Kassadin/Talon works, here ya go.

We’re gonna do the thing, so hold onto your hats. 

Beginnings [Closed RP with askKassadin]

It was the dead of night. The shadows had a strong presence over their surroundings due to the lack of moon in the sky, providing good cover for a certain assassin as he stalked the streets. He kept to the alleyways, keeping himself in the shadows of the buildings as he waited.

Watched, and waited for his target to appear.

It was a simple mission - find the target, dispose of them, and leave. A game of cat and mouse that he often favored. As the flowing cloth of his mission’s robe caught his eye, Talon pounced, kicking once, stabbing twice, until his target was backed into an alleyway and helplessly crying out for assistance.

It was strange, he thought; most of his targets were men. As his eyes scanned her gasping form, grasping at the wounds on her arm and abdomen, Talon stopped and stared. This one was a woman, apparently no older than twenty. …So young, it was almost pitiful, but he wasn’t the one that made the rules.

He had a mission to carry out, she was a felon, and the apparent lack of expression on his face as he raised his blade showed that he didn’t have a care about the woman in front of him - she was his mission, and he was going to finish it.

Changed blades


I noticed that Talon and Anivia have the same number of “stripes” (I dunno how to call these things) on their back … so, and if they mistake each other’s “tail blades”? or maybe Talon is just making fun with Anivia xD

(Don’t notice about the terrible Talon’s draw, I still need to improve it. And also, yes … big draw)

//PFFFT AMAZING I can bet this does happen occasionally, I wouldn’t be surprised because Talon has a habit of stealing things, especially sharp things, anyway


//I made this Talon for you &lt;3333 I love your blog keep like this!

//hjhdfjg I commented on this picture on DA too but aaaaa I still can&#8217;t get over just how cute he is Q______Q thank you so much!!


//I made this Talon for you <3333 I love your blog keep like this!

//hjhdfjg I commented on this picture on DA too but aaaaa I still can’t get over just how cute he is Q______Q thank you so much!!

//For lol69min's theme, Shurima

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to draw Malzahar or my Sandstorm Talon for the event and in the end I decided why not both

//Now that I’m back on my main computer I can upload this doodle from when my net was down

I just really wanted a cute dancing Talon

And uh, a bonus this is how/why he’d normally dance:

I've been wanting to start a rp with you, but there are a few problems(Me mostly, none of them are your fault). 1. I am painfully shy. You are the reason I made my rp blog, and I hate being a chicken about it. 2. I'm not sure how to start one. I'm usually good at it, but then now I'm not. I hope you understand this.

//Well, anon, first thing I can say is: Don’t be shy. I hear this a lot from a lot of people (being too afraid to approach me, talk to me because I’m their inspiration, etc. etc.), but honestly, don’t be afraid to approach me - I’m more than willing to talk to you! I’ll even give out my skype info (privately, if you ask off anon) if you wanna chat. ;u;

Secondly, I’m willing to RP just about anything, so whatever you want will work. Just send an ask, it could be as simple as just asking Talon a question. Just specify you wanna RP off of it, so I know for 100% sure.

Message me anytime you’d like, anon, I promise I don’t bite. owo7 I look forward to RPing with you in the future, just know that sometimes it takes me a little bit to reply.

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About the lore change

//First off, I finally have my internet back again. So I’m technically ‘back’. But that’s not what I’m here to address in this post.

As a lot of you know, the lore change hit yesterday. We’ve lost quite a number of summoner blogs, and other blogs, because of it. The institute is gone, summoners are non-canon, and some of the champions have been somewhat ruined because of the institute being erased.

Does this affect Talon and how I’ll play him, however?


I’ve seen something going around saying that Talon is ‘basically ruined’ thanks to the change, lore wise, but that’s not true. His sole reason to joining the league was to further his search for the general - but even without the institute, he will still search. He will still be a shadowy assassino even without the place, Swain is still a tyrant, Noxus is still the same, the General is still missing, Talon still has two grumpy sisters, etc. etc. The JoJ’s still have merit because even as Riot said, they’re not obsolete.

This change, depending on how you look at it, just opens more doors and grants more access to easier worldbuilding. With the champions no longer being bound by contract to an institute, they have more options. More personality. They can freely explore and do whatever they please. You can literally shape them any way you want by taking what Riot has given us and molding them from that base.

Wars could happen, too - which is something that technically couldn’t happen too easily thanks to the institute existing.

Point is - keep your chins up. No one is ‘ruined’, just get creative with it. My heart goes out to the summoner blogs, however - we’ve lost quite a number of good blogs over this, and I’m so sorry to whoever is going through a rough time because of the change.

Side note: I will still interact with Summoner and OC blogs. This blog will, however, continue on as normal and use the ‘Institute doesn’t exist’ lore (as it’s technically what I used anyway, even when it did still exist) unless roleplaying with a summoner blog.

Keep your chins up.

Good luck with the new home! OuO

//Thank you very much! ;w;/ 

I’ll be gone for a week starting tomorrow, hopefully that should give me enough time to unpack and things. I’ll be back soon though. <3 



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//Heyyyy guys. I’m gonna be co-running this blog. If you like to draw, or are even practicing learning how to draw, I highly encourage you check it out, tell your friends, etc. etc.! Hopefully we can get a lot of people joining in on the fun~

Everyone is welcome! A signal boost would be much appreciated so we can get as many people learning about this as possible. :3 

//Boosting one final time to give everyone a chance to see it. First prompt starts tonight, so feel free to jump in! 

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I just wanted to look up references for Cassiopeia and 



//I said I wasn’t going to post anymore until after I finish moving but

…this happened

//Just as a small note, I’ll be moving to a new house starting this weekend and possibly through next week. I probably won’t be answering questions or anything during this time, but I’ll be sure to get caught up on things once I get back. 

See you all soon, have a good end of August! 

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