Live And Die By The Blade.
Talon Du Couteau
The Blade's Shadow
My name is Talon, a Noxian assassin serving under House Du Couteau.

I don't know how you found your way to me, or what it is that you want, but make it quick. I don't take kindly to those that waste my time.

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Current M!A: Wings for a week

((An Ask/RP blog for Talon from League of Legends.
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Yet, I have lived a good life - my hardships have brought forth many great accomplishments, and new pathways each turn I took. I have seen many faces come and go. Those that I had met along my journey helped guide me in the right direction… I am grateful to have known them, even if I may have outlived them. 

I’ve become far too old to continue my duties… my hands are aged and beginning to fail me. There is one boy that I have left my teachings to - my son, whom has now rightfully inherited the Du Couteau manor, and holds the same title. Though not related by blood, he will bring great honor to our family. 

I only wish that you could see him now, father. The boy would make you proud to be called a grandfather. 

My old bones can’t handle this journey up to your grave for much longer… but, I have a feeling we will be seeing each other again soon, regardless. 

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