Live And Die By The Blade.
Talon Du Couteau
The Blade's Shadow
My name is Talon, a Noxian assassin serving under House Du Couteau.

I don't know how you found your way to me, or what it is that you want, but make it quick. I don't take kindly to those that waste my time.

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Current M!A: Wings for a week

((An Ask/RP blog for Talon from League of Legends.
IMPORTANT: Please read/view the F.A.Q before asking any questions relating to relationships for Talon! Thank you!))

"…You weren’t too bad to work with. Though I prefer to do things on my own."

//The original post is from ask-rai and located here. He sent it to my inbox but I wanted to include the original question asked so that way my reply would make more sense, so I SS’d the original post. Talon and Rai are best buddies just by the way

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